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Brilliant Pearls was founded by the next generation of a family of pearl dealers. 

In fact Brilliant Pearls boasts a team of 4th-Generation pearl dealers whose roots go all the way back to Kobe Japan, also known as Pearl City.  The founders of Brilliant Pearls have been supplying the finest stores in the world with wholesale pearls for nearly a Century.

Brilliant Pearls strives to offer its clients the finest quality pearls, the best selection and elegant designs.

Love. Because we love pearls, we pass this passion on to our customers through a brilliant selection, award-winning designs and world class service. All of our products on our website can be easily customized to your exact tastes.

If you look carefully at our website, we offer the finest quality pearls, the most thoughtful designs and pricing that is the lowest it can be without sacrificing on quality.  From our offices in California to you, count on Brilliant Pearls for the best!


"WOW!!!! These are stunning and such high quality!!!! I am thrilled, and I am an avid pearl collector with a collection from the 80s and 90s when all pearls, but especially Tahitians, were sky high in price. Trust me when I say "back in the day" this strand would have retailed for close to $40,000. I AM NOT KIDDING!!!! These are so high quality---the luster, the cleanliness of each pearl, and the matching is beyond all my expectations."